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obstruction of county road
end of the road
I live on a cul de sac on a county road that has been open to the public for over thirty (30) years, I know this from personal experience. There are several houses around the cul de sac. At some point before I moved here one of the property owners blocked the road off with cross ties. Apparently he asked all the neighbors about it with the idea of reducing the traffic of people that don't live on the cul de sac. As a result of him obstructing the road I think it will be very difficult for me to get mail unless I place my mail box up the street. I also have to roll my garbage container down the street to get it picked up otherwise the garbage truck can;t turn around because of the obstructions. I am unaware as of yet who actaully owns the road but from my personal experience I know the county has maintained the road at least as far back as 1976. There are private drive signes everywhere along the road. Can you help me get the cross ties removed and the road opened so that I can get mail and trash pickup without the road being destroyed. Currently the obstructions prohibit the use of the gravel road way and force other users through a mud puddle that turns into a real mess when instead we should be have plenty of room to turn around or at least be able to access the cul de sac in a manner that the garbage truck and mail carrier had done so before the roadway was obstructed.

Can you help ?Smile
Ken Jones
Well I can try. First we have to determine it is a county road, then we can have a talk with the person. Why don't you shoot me an email at k.jones@unioncountysheriff.net or give me a call at 864-1970.
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