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Hi Mr.Jones
i was wondering i see alot more people that would do jail time for things being let go on probation sent to rehab ect..I have heard that the jail is over populated and it is inhumane to over populate the jail system is this why i see that the jail is mostly just takeing felon's at the moment or those who just pose a threat to the communty?beacuse i did see where a jail got in a lot of trouble for takein more inmates that it can hold i think somewhere in florida that happend.i have seen guys with 3rd offens dwi's and even fourth offense's just get probation or rehab with i think is great for them if them seem to have a problem rehab is the best bet for that kinda of a case i understand that if that flag goes up they do need rehab because lock them up 30 days or 90 and there right back out there again send then to rehab and i see where you would have over 80% strightin there selfs up because as a retired public defender out of texas we would send alot of repeat defenders off to rehab and you know it was great how after that i thank i may have seen 3 or 4 come back thru that blew it if we sent them most to jail then there out right back at drivein and drinking at the wheel i know alot of states have that option for repet offenders and i have seen the % it works i don't know how arkansas is but i know in texas it has helped with the problem very well.as far as the felony drug charges the dealers there is no hope they will go back out and see ,deal till they are locked up forever.well take care mr.jones great site by the way.never a better fillin i had a guy with a 3rd dui drivein on suspended dl in that was 3 in a lil over a years time i made a deal got him 60 days in rehad in lue of jailtime and 4 years later he had quit drinkin come to me to tell me thank you for what you did with gettin me rehab it truley saved me and opened my eyes to my problem was a great filling i will never forget to save someone have the power to help.
Edited by Jackie on August 08 2007 06:16
Ken Jones
Well to answer your question about the jail that would be yes. Our needs have begun to out weigh our resources as it has in every other part of the country. Our county jail stays at 90% capacity most of the time and worse at other times. Never the less, we always can find a bed for someone who needs to be there.

There has been a big interest in alternative programs such as drug court and rehab because those programs cost less tax dollars than jail. They also stand a chance in changing someoneís behavior for the future so we donít see them back in jail. Problem as I see it is that the alternative programs work slow and are working slower than our problems are going, thus the need for more jails.

Donít know what the answer is but we cannot afford to keep locking up so many people. This has caused us to look to programs that offer something to help the person change their life. After all the large majority of those in jails across this country is a result of illegal and addictive drugs.

Example we send people to prison for writing hot checks for money to buy drugs. Yes they have broken one of our laws but are they criminals in the senseÖ? Maybe if we could break their addiction someway, they could get a job, pay off their checks and everyone would be happy and it would cost the taxpayer a lot less to fix it.

Donít know what is going to become of these problems 20 years from now but it isnít looking good.

We keep looking for new ideas.
Edited by Ken Jones on August 11 2007 14:09
Yes it is always good to see people turn there lives around.i have been here in el dorado for o i would say i have been retired for 4 years now moved here 3 years ago you know i my self as a retired public defender got a dwi a year back here. i had problems no that was not the answer to them! but you know know one is perfect,the bible lets us know that.but Mr.Jones i noticed the huge drug problem around here it is every where not only here.but i seen the officers put a dint in that. what was it around a month ago or so? i appluad you on that i thank more lil city's should do the same as your deputy's and the eldorado Police dept.did because that i'm sure put the word out and scared alot of the dealers that did not get caught i'm sure you have them looking over the sholders and thankin twice about if i do this is this my day i get caught and go to jail.Great job sheriff!you seeing all you have i'm sure you know there are people out there who do change there ways.but you still have some hard heads that will never change but i'm sure that 1 day put some fear in there eye's once again great job!i was happy when i looked at the papper that day and seen so many of them off the streets even if it did take me 6 stores before i got a papper was a popular reading item that daySmilebut keep up the good work on the site i really enjoy comeing here checking out the latest news and reading up on the forums. to all the officers great job on keepin the drug problem's around here down i know it is a long hard fought battle but keep up the good work guys.
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