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Hey Everyone!
This forum seems to be at a low point, it needs livened up a wee bit, so I guess I will explain my "run-in's" with the sheriff deputies and how I came upon this site. Okay? Feel free to take down this thread if you want to! I can honestly say, I would much rather have a "run-in" with the Sheriff Deputies of Union County than the Police. Hehe. Sorry. Anyway. Back in April (6 months before I turned 21) my boyfriend called the Sheriff Department on me for some reason and told them that I showed up at his house drunk. So, I got arrested by 2 Sheriff Deputies. Come to find out one of them live about 5 minutes from me, haha. Anyway, I didn't get sent to jail or anything, I just had to go to court and got a $580 FINE!? Oh well, I deserved it! Okay, my 2nd "run-in" was about a month after that, my boyfriend was jealous because he thought I had people over at my house, and called the Sheriff's office and said I was drinking. A Sheriff Deputy came to my house to check things out, embarrasing thing is, it was my ex-fiance's (babys dad, haha) best friend. OOPS! But I wasn't drinking nor did I have anyone over, so he left. NEXT "run-in" was much much worse, and I dealt with quite a few of you! Smile My boyfriend (if any of you read the newspaper, you surely know the story because it was in police beat and on the front page of the paper in October) was arrested for Assault, Abduction, and Kidnapping.. all against me. He is now serving 4 years in prison. I have had a few Sheriff Deputies pull me over for random things like "suspicous car" and going 5 MPH over the speed limit. I got a warning. hehe.

OH... I came across this site because my friend thought she was on the warrent list, how nice? So I looked it up. And here I am, blabbing on.

Now. I am 21 years old, so if you get any calls about me, IT IS NOT FOR UNDERAGE DRINKING!

Thanks for your great work, I love the Sheriff Deputies, they seem so much more... understanding? LOL

Happy Holidays! Smile

PS- I just read over my post... wow... seems I need a new boyfriend right? This post is going to be embarrasing if any of you know who I am.
Edited by unlikeamber on December 06 2007 08:00
Ken Jones
Sounds like you need to change your name to Lucky and yes get a new boyfriend.
Hehe, hes got until April to be eligible for Judicial Release but his actual release date is not until July 2011, so I guess I have quite a while to decide right? Hehe.. plus he won't be in Union County anymore, when he is out he will be in Knox County and I will still be in Union County.

Yay! I actually got a response!Pfft
Juan Reyes
Yeah. And from "The Sheriff" too.

AKA: McGruff
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