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kids rolling houses
First off, I would like to say Thank You Sheriff Jones and To All Of The Deputies for Your Hard Work and Dedication to keep all of us and our families Safe! I know it's Hard out there! Thank You So Much for All that You Do! ......Ok, now to my question....I was wondering if there would be a way that the Littering fine can be used in the cases of catching these crazy school kids rolling houses...I mean, I don't see the difference between littering and rolling houses...These kids are trashing up peoples yards and thinking that it is absolutely ok to do so...I know that making them face the Littering Fine probably wouldn't make all of them stop, but having to pay a $1500 Fine if they get caught, just might make a lot of these kids think twice before throwing a roll of toilet paper in someone's tree. Smile

Thank You For Your Time!Smile
Stay Safe and God Bless,

Matt PrimmSmile
Ken Jones
Thats an idea! We have caught them many times and escorted them back to clean it up and called their parents. Got a new group of high schoolers each year that carry this pain along each year.
We'll see what we can do. Thanks for your comments.
I am posting a reply on this even though it is from 2008...first because all of your posts are so old and I am hoping if some of the community sees new posts they may also start posting again (although I don't think listing peoples' IP addresses is the best idea for community safety). Second, I think the Sheriffs Department and Detention Center should have a good communication with the residents of the community. I think that the children and teens who are breaking the windows and destroying private property should be receiving fines, perhaps not the littering fines since so many people are out of work and we all know the parents will be the ones who have to pay the fines, but maybe a combination between community service and fines. If you list the hours Publicly for all to be able to see. The problem with the $1,500.00 fine is that the parents are the ones who actually have to pay them. But if a first offense is for example 100 community service hours and is clearly posted on this web site or when instituted in the news paper. I believe if we can get them to see that there are consequences to their actions and they have to pay them they will have more respect for their community, themselves, and for the police.
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