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Just a question, but when are we going to start seeing some of these parolees that continue to violate their parole openly jailed? I know a few of them right now that need to be picked up!! They are running around with the younger crowds and infuencing them to do the same stupid things they did to get into trouble. Now how is that suppose to help the crime rate go down or keep the younger ones from becoming parolees???? Someone please answer this for me!!
Ken Jones
Persons on parole are supervised by the Parole Office which is under the Department of Community Corrections. If you are aware of someone that might be violating their parole I would suggest that you contact that office. Their number is 862-3449. Mr. Rick McKinnon is in charge of that office and I would suggest you speak with him. As to our arresting persons on parole, if we catch them or see them violating the law they come to jail with the rest of them. Thanks for your comments.
Thank you for that information and replying to the post. I wasn't trying to sound as if I was griping about the Parole office or officers, I understand that they have their hands full as it is. It was just getting to me that certain someones seem to never get caught doing things and on top of that this one certain someone keeps bragging about being immuned from getting in trouble with the USCO because they says that they are working for them. I am assuming they mean as a Nark. Not sure....
Ken Jones
Well I don't know of anyone that is immuned from the law. So if this person is violating the law or their parole then email me their name and we will check it out. I always enjoy showing someone that might make a comment like that they are wrong.


I have looked over this Site and No where is there a section on
" Missing Persons" If you could make this available for others to be informed it would be nice.
I manage the EHS Classmates Remembrance site on Facebook for all of
El Dorado High School Students and Faculty as well.
I know it would be a great service to know if anyone in the Union County may be missing or either have been since located.

*Please consider this option it would benefit the Citizens of Union County and other surrounds areas.

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(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•Melissa©
Lissa there are missing posters in wa; mart and there is also a website specifically for that.....there are several websites for local missing children and adults locally and nationally. What needs to be on here is what actually happens in El Dorado there are dog fighting rings where puppies are stolen and thrown in the ring for bait, the abundance of drugs, the beatings. God knows you won't read about it in the El Dorado times.
hello i want to ask hw is it that a person who comitt crimes against minors can get out of jail so easy but a drug dealer gets the book threw at him? i watched a person go in and out of jail for the same thing over n over and with other charges too. any1 who do anythings to a minor should never see the lite of day again because if they do it once they will do it again til they get stopped.
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