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Dogs and Horses
Sheriff Jones,
I am having a problem with a couple dogs living next door. They have attacked 2 of my small dogs resulting in the death of one. They also have been getting into my colt's pen and running her and trying to bite her. We have had to have our vet out after the last time to put staples and stitches in her leg. We have talked to our nieghbor and he just sad " Sorry to hear that." I have been told there is an orninance in Union Co about bad dogs. I was told by an officer that I could 'deal' with the dogs if I catch them again. I don''t want to kill this mans dogs! Thats awful! But I can't have them hurting my animals either. I am also worried about his affiliation with the UCSO.
Don't want to name names but his RESCUE DOGS are the only ones he keeps chained. Can you give me some advice? I hate to be THAT neighbor but I can't do this anymore.
Ken Jones
We do have a county ordinance and it basically says you have to keep your dogs on your own property and if they are various deadly force can be used against them. There are a lot of other guidelines in the ordinance that are intended to prevent harm to domestic animals. I have dogs, horses and goats. I will not put up with my animals harming others or their animals in turn I will not tolerate harm to mine from others.

Donít care what connections a person has to my office they are expected to follow the law above others because they are connected.

Call me or email me and I will assist you with the problem.

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