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Visitation Times and Mistakes
I have heard many complaints about being given the incorrect visitation times. The family members are then not allowed to see the person they came to visit...."sorry there are no exceptions made". I understand inmates are there for crimes, but 1. some have not been in front of a judge yet, and in this country it is supposed to be "innocent until proven guilty". 2. You are not just punishing the inmates you are punishing their children, their mothers, sisters, brothers, wife's etc.

I believe it would be helpful and is also needed for there to be a section under the Union County Detention center on this site for Pod Visitation times to be listed. It would also be helpful place to post if Pod visitations have been Cancelled.

Although many of the visitors are from the El Dorado area many are not and are given incorrect information and turned away wasting their time and breaking hearts. Not all people can afford to come to El Dorado and be turned away when it could have been posted on this site.

Also, When you go to the detention center link under visitation it says this... "Visitation is a privilege offered to all inmates. Visitation rules are available at the front window of the Sheriff's Office and are also posted here. Visitation times are on Saturday's for general population detainees and on Sunday's for Act 309 convicts. Visitation times are according to the detainee's housing area. All visitors must now also be placed on an approved visitation list in order to visit any detainee. It is the responsibility of the detainee to advise their visitors of the correct visitation time for his location, as well as to submit the visitor's name and information for approval to be placed on the visitation list.".

There are two problems with the above, the first is when you click the link to see the visitation rules it brings you back to the same exact page. The second is that if you haven't received mail from the inmate yet or you can't receive phone calls, how are the families supposed find out when the visitation is, or what pod they are in etc.?

Please I think this could also help the Union County Sheriff Department's image to the community. I respect what you do and think you do a wonderful job, but not are alot of people who don't have much respect for what the Police do anymore..... The Sheriff's Department helping the community could help that.
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Due to We the People are helping pay the bills and are charged extra for helping support them. Insurance policy is on the county. and folks are in your care. All folks working and staying on the property take care. TAKE CARE OF FOLKS WITH MEDS ,FOOD ,SANITATION.
Right is Right ,Wrong is Wrong
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