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I recently made a mistake of driveing while intoxicated.I got a DWI i'am not a drinker however i made a poor choice one night.I had found out some news that really got to me and i drink and i drove.however i know this was a poor choice by me for i put my life and others in danger.something i'am not proud of at all...I just recently got a new job.i have never been in trouble with the law for anything until this.and i must say i learned my lesson.My question to you however is this.When i go to court will i have to do jail time for this mistake i have made?It has been bothering me beacuse i have a great new job a wife and kids.i'am going in and pledin guilty beacuse i know i was wrong.A friend told me that if i didn't get a lawyer for a first offense DWI i would go stright to jail.I hope that you can give me some insite to this question-Mistake i have made.I was very cooperative with the officers and gave them no problems.beacuse i knew it was my mistake and they where doing there job.

Thank You

Ken Jones
Well I believe the norm is 24 hours of community service for the 1st offense. You shouldn't have to serve any jail time. Mistakes happen, we have to learn from them.

Never hurts to have a lawyer to make sure you are getting things done fair.
Edited by Ken Jones on April 11 2006 02:47
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