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What are the different types of bonds? cash, corp., sheriffs, .... and what do they mean?
Juan Reyes
I will try to answer as best as I can. Here are the different types.
Cash - Obviously Cash only in the dollar amout listed.
Cash or Corporate Surety - This is the most common. It means Cash or some form of bond in that amount. Most of the time a Bail Bondsman satisfies this type of bond. The general amount is 10-12% of the total bond - but can be up to 100%. Example would be on a $10,000.00 bond the subject would come up with $1000.00 or so to get out of jail.
Sheriff's Bond - This is a 10% cash bond with two registered voters. The 10% (minus court fees) will go toward restitution should the person be found guilty or returned should that person be found innocent.
Any Form Acceptable to the Sheriff (AFATS)-Can be Cash, Coporate Surety, Sheriffs' bond, or signature bond.
Signature Bond - With this bond the individual signs themselves out and agrees to come in or show for any court dates or forfeit the dollar amount of the bond. The bond on this is usually low and sometimes requires two registered voters signatures as well.
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