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Suspicious Activity
I don't know if you will be able to answer this, but I have a type of illegal activity question. I have a truck for sale posted on eldoark.com and I had received an email from someone saying they wanted to purchase my truck, that they would pay the amount I wanted for it with a money order. The thing that worries me is that he said he was going to send me a money order for the amount I wanted for the truck plus an additional $1150 to supposedly pay the private shipping company he wanted to use to come pick it up. I was supposed to cash the money order take my money, and western union the rest to what he says is the private shipping company he wants to use. This seemed all well and good at first, until yesterday I got another email from a completely different person, wanting to do the exact same thing. This sparked a bit of worry for me, because the emails were worded nearly the same, and they wanted to do the same thing. I was wondering if you might have an opinion on this matter, and if it sounds a little illegal or a bit like a stolen money order scam to you. I could really use the money, but I don't want to get myself into any legal troubles either, if this is a scam. Thank you for your time.
Juan Reyes
I'm going to answer this one as I don't know when the Sheriff will be back on - possible not till Monday. I am Detective Juan Reyes, Union County Sheriff's Office, Criminal Investigative Division.

Yes, This is a SCAM. They make contact with you and tell you where to Western Union/ cable/ or wire the extra "shipping" money to. You cash the money order and send the extra off and you never hear from them again. Then you get stuck with the cashed check or money order that turns out to be counterfeit, or forged.
This is a fairly regular scam, which seems to be picking up on classified ad websites. Wash your hands of it.

You can see other such scams and read about this one at

You can also file a complaint through them.
Edited by Juan Reyes on July 21 2006 22:54
AKA: McGruff
Thanks a lot for your quick response, I was afraid that was going to be the case.
Ken Jones
Thanks Juan, I just got back home... Good answer..
This exact same thing happened to me when I tried to sell my boat on eldoark.com, but I put a stop to it quickly by simply replying to the email stating "Please don't respond unless you can supply me with some type of credentials as to the credibility of your 'company' or 'client'." They never wrote me again.

Keep that in mind next time something like this happens, and remember, when in doubt, pull out!
I know someone that got took. She had an ad out for a puppy sale. To make a long story short, she is out 18,000.00 and still having to make payments.
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