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10 codes
What's 10-32?
Don't hate stupid people! They can't help it!
I beleive it means checked out. I could be wrong lol
I think its breathilizer. Yeah
Ken Jones
Crystal wrote:
I think its breathilizer. Yeah

that is correct...

Don't hate stupid people! They can't help it!
10-7 is out of service

10-8 is in service

10-9 repeat traffic

10-23 on scene

10-24 leaving scene

10-25 cancel call

10-50 MVA/MVC (Motor Vehicle Accident/Collision)

10-55 drunk driver ( i have 0% Tolerance for DUI)

10-72 Suicide
For Laci, Dru and all victims of crime
You can find the 10 Codes used by Union County under the downloads section.
10-1 Receiving Poorly
10-2 Receiving Well
10-3 Negative Message not received
10-4 Affirmative- Yes
10-5 Relay
10-6 Busy
10-7 Out of Service
10-8 In Service
10-9 Repeat
10-10 Out of Service- subject to call
10-11 Send Wrecker
10-12 Visitor Present
10-13 Advise of Weather Conditions
10-14 Escort
10-15 Prisoner In Custody
10-16 Send Ambulance
10-17 Paper/ Document
10-19 Enroute To
10-20 Location. What is your location?
10-21 Call by telephone
10-22 Disregard
10-23 Stand by
10-24 Traffic Stop
10-25 Intoxicated Driver
10-26 Reckless Driver
10-27 Armed Robbery
10-28 Check Vehicle Registration
10-29 Check Warrants
10-30 Check drivers license
10-31 Driving History
10-33 Emergency Traffic
10-34 Send Coroner
10-35 Confidential Information
10-36 Correct Time
10-37 Pursuit in Progress
10-40 Disturbance
10-42 Deputy at Home
10-43 Abandoned Vehicle
10-44 Assist Motorist
10-46 Livestock on Roadway
10-47 Mental Person
10-48 Pedestrian
10-50 Traffic Check- no traffic
10-51 Check NCIC
10-52 Negative acknowledgement of warrants/stolen property
10-53 Positive Acknowledgement of Warrants
10-63 Directed Net- Emergency Traffic
10-64 Net Clear- resume traffic
10-81 Out At Station
10-84 School Patrol
10-85 Security Check
10-86 Switch to Secondary
10-88 Telephone number
10-97 Arrived on Scene
10-98 Cleared from Scene

CSA FD - Not all 10 codes are the same from one organization to another.
I do not like breathalizers. BOO for underage drinking! LOL. I am 21 now.. so don't hunt me down Smile
i know, thats the 10 codes where i am in MS. im on FD not PD, so i dont know them all. and i didnt know that they were actually differentWink
For Laci, Dru and all victims of crime
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