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The Mini Inn and Eldorado Inn
I would like to see this topic addressed by the law personnel here in Eldorado. Where it be the Sheriff's office, the Eldorado Police, the State Arkansas Highway Patrol, the Prosecuting Attorneys, the Judges in the area or who ever should address this issue.
These two and there are more but especially these two motels are strictly open for drug trade. Everyone knows that 95% of the people who frequent these two places are either junkies, drug dealers or helping to further this cause. The owners of these establishments are in my opinion just as guilty and they know what goes on there and help to sell drugs just by renting a room. Also in the parking lot of the mini-inn people stop you in your car and come up to the window to sell you drugs. Well in my book that means that person standing in the parking lot trying to see you drugs have the drugs on them and why, why, why, can not this be stopped. Why can these establishments not be shut down? Why can not the owners be arrested for conspiracy to sell drugs and obstruction. Why do these types of places continue to operate. I can think of only one reason. Some one is getting financially rich by this and it ain't those pitful people standing in the parking lot selling the crack, believe you me!! Mini-Inn, Eldorado Inn, Pine Tree, WhiteHall, or any motel of this type should be shut down. Thank goodness the Days Inn finally shut down let's try for the rest. But I still would like this at least discussed about why these have been allowed to operate so long.
Thank You
A long time ago, I learned from a narc cop in Dallas, that's it's ok to allow the illegal activity to occur in a known location. This gives the officers a leg-up on who's doing what.
If you think about that a little, you may see the justification of not closing down a known drug hang-out.
It took me awhile, but I get it.
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