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here's the deal
My brother, Danny *, died and my father, Raymond *, is living in EL Dorado alone because his wife died a few months after Danny died. I have a step sister Sherri * who was recently in union county jail for hot checks. She received a large amount of money from her mothers estate. She blew it on drugs. She and her boyfriend are heavy drug users. I haven't witness them using but she has been in and out of jail for bounce checks and drugs per my other step sister. She suppose to have a warrent in Texas and Oklahoma but I can't figure out how to find out. When my brother was living he made sure no one took advantage of my Dad even though my Dad can be a hardass. Now, Sherri & her boyfriend is visiting my dad borrowning his van. (that is not insured) and probably money. I am afraid that my father will be in a weak moment (intoxicated) and Sherri & her boyfriend will do something to him. Sherri is living in a hotel and will probably try to live with Dad. I am desperate to find anything outstanding warrents in Oklahoma or Texas. Is there anything you can suggest to help me out here? Sad

*****Sorry I had to edit out the full names.
Edited by Juan Reyes on December 13 2006 15:52
Juan Reyes
The normal course would be to call the "Municipal/District" and Circuit Court clerk(s) in the county or city in which you think that person has visited/stayed/ or has warrants and ask. The clerk will usually tell you if that person has warrants or not. If the person has warrants you can pass on the information you have as to the whereabouts of the wanted individual.

Good Luck.
AKA: McGruff
Juan Reyes
Also, if she was in the Union County Jail we run an NCIC/ACIC computer search for wanted persons when they enter. Any outstanding warrants are served prior to their release from jail.
The only exceptions would be if the Issuing Agency (the people with the original warrant) refuse to serve the warrant (usually because of distance/transport problems) or the warrant is/was not entered into NCIC/ACIC at the time of booking.
AKA: McGruff
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