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3 More Inmates Escaped?
Geez.. I had to go and visit the prosecuting attorney this morning, and there was a reporter standing by the street (American Road) reporting on 3 inmates escaping by, of all things, breaking THROUGH a cinder-block wall, crawling through a drainage tunnel, and using blankets to crawl over the razorwire fence?!?!?

This all seemed to be happening while I was driving by, and I got a little "patriotic" and proceeded to patrol around for a while. While I didn't see anything, it was most fun Wink

My question is.. are these walls not strong enough to hold these criminals?!? And seriously.. a BLANKET?!? Take their blankets away! I say, give them no MEANS to escape, and they won't.. nay.. they CAN'T!
If six inmates escaped in the same manner back in March, why wasn't this problem fixed in March? It doesn't make sense for the safety of the community if we don't get funds to fix our jail! Why wait for more to escape before fixing the problem??
Ken Jones
I can't go into details but we thought we had the issues address before but there were more so we are in the process of doing some major improvements. As a matter of fact they have already started. We hope these repairs, repairs I might add that needed to be done the day the jail was open are all addressed. I asure you there is no one in this community anymore than I that wants the jail to be secure.

thanks for your comments, we are on top of it.
I'm glad the jail is being repaired...but why did we start housing criminals in the jail if it wasn't up to par in the first place. It sounds like someone dropped the ball when the jail was first built. I know there is nothing we can do now except fix the current problems we see. It just upsets me that whoever was responsible for the security of the jail in the beginning would just overlook things that should not have been overlooked. I'm just glad that we have good officers and detectives who quickly captured the escaped inmates without anyone getting injured or killed.
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