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Criminals on the street!
I'm amazed at all the outstanding warrants. Why are ther so many? These criminals need to be served some good-ole JUSTICE! I pass some of these people on the roads of our county on a daily basis. Are they that hard to catch? Is this because of over-crowded jails? I'm just curious. Can we the common citizens do anything to help get these people off the street? Thanks
Ken Jones
Well room in the jail for everyone of them at once is a concern. Our Jail holds 204 prisoners. Our average daily population is 185. The majority of the warrants you see on our warrant list are for folks that have moved out of this county and most of the time out of this state. We send out those warrants all over the country and we serve what we can within the county. I would ask that if you see someone that we have a warrant on or know where that person lives they give us a call or drop an email. I promise you if we know the location of someone we will bring them to justice. Thanks for your comments.
Thanks!!! I'm not complaining ! I think you guys and gals are doing a great job! It just makes me sick to see these people running the roads and going about their ways w/ no worries. The seem to think they are above the law. Thanks for letting me vent my frustrations! I think if the citizens of this community will help, we can take alot of these people off the streets. Keep up the good work!
Ken Jones
Thanks for the comments, I feel the same as you most days but thats why I do what I do each day in my own way trying to do better.
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