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Radio Call Numbers

RankList The following is a list of Radio Call numbers for employees of the Sheriff's Office. This page is under construction. Also, many frequency numbers to Police band radios can be found HERE.

Local Frequencies are:

Union County FrequentiesEl Dorado Frequencies
154.14500 Fire154.40000 Fire/EMS Dispatch
154.81500 Sheriff154.44500 Fire
159.15750 Sheriff154.74000 Police
153.81500 Coroner155.52000 Police
453.72500 Police

Roster Updated 12/12/13

1Mike McGough - Sheriff
2William 'Bill' Hickman - Chief Deputy
3Capt. Rickey Roberts - Chief Investigator
4Capt. Richard Mitcham - Administrative Captain
5Capt. Tim Matthews - Patrol Captain

Criminal Investigations Division
210Inv. Lt. Neal Greer211Inv. Wayne Goode
212Inv. Jim Sanders213Inv. Randy Gilbert
214Inv. Sgt. Clint Mullinix215Inv. Lt. Josh Newton

Patrol Division
120Lt. Walter Bass - Supervisor130Lt. Darryl Easter - Supervisor
121Sgt. Andre Lovett131Dep. Cole Knoedl
122Dep. Jonathan Messer132Dep. Randy Seeman
123Sgt. James Ingram / K-9 "Hammer"133Sgt. Steven Jerry / K-9 "Zeek"

140Lt. Jonathan Bailey - Supervisor / K-9 "Yeager"150Lt. Bruce Patterson - Supervisor
141Sgt. Todd Surber151Dep.
142Dep. Eric Meadows152Dep. Josh Warren
143Dep. Tommy Williams153Dep. David Crowder

Detention Division
437Lt. Steven Faulkner - Asst. Jail Administrator
425Sgt. Lisa Worley - Booking
411Mr. Brian West - Nurse
412Ms. Tess Wooten - Kitchen Supervisor
490Ofc. John Cashion - Maintenance

439- Supervisor465Lt. Brandon Briggs - Supervisor
442Ofc. Gayla Telano428Ofc. Devin Harris
453Ofc. Sally Pittser467Ofc. John Ward
426Sgt. John Mitchell423Ofc. Robert McVay
456Ofc. Kevin Smith558Ofc. James Harrison

426Lt. Victor Lee - Supervisor
468Sgt. Steven Green - Supervisor434Sgt. Kevin Pendleton - Supervisor
459Ofc. Tonya Daniels438Ofc. Julie Phelps
424Ofc. Keisha Sims489Ofc. Christine Jones
446Ofc. Charles Terry435Ofc. Kenneth Frazier
445Ofc. Austin McCuistion466Ofc. Jacob Temple

408Sgt. Paul Kugler - Transport409Sgt. Charles Ferguson - Transport

Administrative Division
Voniece French
Erin Johnson
Kathy Ponthieux
Brenda Lusk
Nicole Thurmon

For a copy of all call numbers used, you can visit the downloads section HERE.
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